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Health Camp for School Students

health Camp

Jagadbandhu Institution Alumni asscociation arranged health camp for junior students of our school on 23-Sep-19. Innerwheel Club" of Calcutta District (District-329) extended their support and brought doctors from Bhagirathi Neotia and Priyambada Brilla Eye Hospital. 52 students between pre-primary and class IV attended this camp and got their general health, eye and audiometry test done. A health card was given to all students for reference and further follow-up.

A special note from Mrs .Anita Ghosh , Vice President of " Innerwheel Club" of CalcuttaDistrict.

"Today my home unit IWC Calcutta Old City organized a health check in Jagadbandhu Institution on Fern Road Gariahat. For eye check up, Priyambada Brilla Eye Hospital extended its help n sent its staff for eye check of these underpriveleged children. Bhagirathi Neotia , too extended its hand by sending its doctors for general health check up of these boys. We the members of Calcutta Old City also planted some trees. The children were given health drinks n food packets My heartfelt gratitude to the alumnae of this school who had extended great help and co operation .....almost as if this entire project was theirs..... planning n execution ...such was third attitude. The old boys association has adopted 58 boys out of the 120 students of the schools. They bear their educational expenditure. Kudos to Jagatbandhu old boys Association πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒTheir involvement and commitment is really commendable"