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Sri Suvas Kumar Bose

Another bereavement made our heart heavier as we lost Suvasda, Sri Suvas Kumar Bose of 1949 batch on 4 May 2021. He was born on 10 October 1934.

He was a president of our association and his long and active attachment with the association enriched us in many ways.

He was a master in library science and served many prestigious Govt. organisations in the capacity of chief librarian. Anthropological Survey of India, Military Staff Service College and Asiatic Society, Calcutta are few of them. He penned many articles in journals and essays for pleasure reading in vernaculars and periodicals of repute. The expanse of his knowledge and experience has always been evident in his exuberant nature. His effervescence always extended the necessary support to our association in every aspect.

The warm presence of his memory will be ever lasting in the heart of every alumnus.