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Primary Student Benefit Fund - 2011
It is been a pleasant journey with all of you to work for JBI Primary Student Benefit Fund since beginning of this year. On behalf of Alumni association, we would like to extend our gratitude for your overwhelming support. We have collected Rs. 101,600/- so far.

As declared earlier, we donated books to a few deserving primary class students of Jagadbandhu Institution during Reunion 2011. We spent Rs. 4520/- in this regard. A report of this milestone has already been published in our website.

As planned, we created an account (#0366010160476) with United Bank of India and deposited the rest of the money. This will help us surving more students in years to come.

We are thankful to our friends without whom this journey would not have been initiated.

We will continue our journey to make a little difference to one's life with your help and support.

Thank You

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