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Jagadbandhu Alumni association was established in 1992. The objective of this association has been set to join hands in the process of development and growth of our school, extending support and assistance in students’ benefit both in academic and co-curricular activities etc. The increasing numbers of members, which enrich the association, come back with new vision and vistas to their alma mater. Many of them reached the heights in their own professional fields and some of them are the fore runners. Different alumni are coming from different fields but with a same wish of joining their hands in the process of development of our school. The association would not have come to the present shape and status without the sincere guidance and participation of our esteemed members. Every year we hold benevolent events such as Students sponsorship programmes for financially challenged students in primary section, Donation for text books to primary students coming from financially week families, felicitation to the top ranking results and other achievements and many other financial and necessary assistance to the students. Besides, we hold various academic and cultural programmes, sports events and yearly get together for alumni members.

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