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Ballygunge Jagadbandhu Institution Alumni Association invites quotations from resourceful, experienced and bona fide tenderers for undertaking the following work:

Name of work: Edging, paving, dressing, drainage and beautification of the front side of school as per layout (shaded portion, not in scale) below admeasuring approximately 3400 sq ft at Ballygunge Jagadbandhu Institution, 25 Fern Road, Kolkata 700019.

Items of work:

  1. Casting of PCC as per water level with required thickness.
  2. Laying sand uniformly throughout the area.
  3. Maintain proper slope for to avoid water logging inside school premises. If required surface drain may be provided.
  4. Fixing interlock pavers block for the entire workable area (shaded area in the diagram above)
Approximated measurement of the above mentioned plot

Terms and conditions of tender:

  • Rates to be quoted item-wise in INR.
  • Tender to be submitted in sealed envelope at Alumni office
  • The tenderer whose item-wise quotes would add up to lowest total shall be awarded the work order.
  • Period of implementation: The selected tenderer shall have to commence the work within 7 days of work order and complete the work within one month from the date of award of work order.
  • Warranty: The tenderer shall have to undertake warranty in writing against the work to be carried out as per the work order for at least a period of 10 years from the date of completion of the project as to be certified by the supervising Committee.
  • Validity of tendered rates: 6 months from the date of close of tender submission.
  • The tenderers shall submit their rates as per the items and specifications given in this Notice. Else, their submissions are liable to be rejected.
  • Certification of tendered work: There shall be a Committee that would supervise the work all through and issue ‘work done satisfactorily’ certificate for processing of bills, as and when submitted of the tenderer.
  • Payment milestones:
    1. Milestone 1: 10% of total amount as noted in the work order as mobilization advance within 7 days of work order.
    2. Milestone 2: 50% of total amount as noted in the work order when 50% of work gets completed as per certification by the supervising Committee and bill raised for such work, payable within 10 days of submission of Bill.
    3. Milestone 3: 40% of total amount as noted in the work order when 100% of work gets completed as per certification by the supervising committee and bill raised for such work. This milestone payment will be payable after 150 days of successfully completion of the work.

Last date for submission of tender/quotation: 7-May-2019.